Norman Reedus : Actor : Producer : Photographer : Artist

Currently on AMC's The Walking Dead as Daryl Dixon. Filmography work is here.

Official social networks - click the icons below:

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Check out Norman's official production site &
newly released photography book at
Big Bald Head.

Any film, interviews, inquiries, and fan mail for Norman should be sent to his manager:


Norman Reedus
c/o JoAnne Colonna
Brillstein Entertainment Partners
9150 Wilshire Blvd. Ste.350
Beverly Hills, CA 90212

- If you want a reply or autograph, mail a self-addressed stamped envelope w/ paid return postage with the photo or item.
- Make sure to send a letter along with it and instructions of what you want him to do.
- There is no defined estimate for return mail.
- If you need to make sure your mail arrived at its destination, look into getting delivery confirmation.
- If you live overseas, look into an IRC coupon or ask your post office.

+ There is no fan email address for Norman.
+ Norman uses Twitter to post to fans online here.
+ Norman does not use Facebook. He has ONE old personal profile that his Instagram posts to automatically and he has official pages here and here.
+ Norman is not on Kik.
+ Norman’s son Mingus is NOT on Twitter, Facebook, etc.


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